Food Notes

Food Notes is a collaboration of ideas, inspiring eats and gallery of images that provoke my creative process.

There are so many things that inspire me to cook. From watching Masterchef, wandering in local markets and sifting through archived travel pictures in my garage, i want to share them with you in this space.


The winter winds stopped for a moment and i stepped outside to enjoy my coffee. I have grown to appreciate early mornings thanks to my one year old! Despite the cold, i enjoy the smell of winter, watching the baker from my balcony bring fresh bread every morning and seeing the clouds break at first light. 

It has been difficult the past few weeks to gather inspiration for my next cook up and i believe catching the cold myself has not helped.  There's a crisp and chill to the air this morning and i feel change is on its way. 
There is a sense of freedom in wandering aimlessly and getting lost. That is how i spent my first year in London 2009. Borough market is one of my best finds and the pavalova overspilling on this cake stand, inspires me to make one every time i see it!

                                      CHAPEL MARKET
When the snow fell for my first winter in London, i knew i was blessed to be experiencing it on the street with my kebab. I didn't care that my feet were soaked and people thought i was nuts, i was just glad that London gave me another surprise. 


  1. You look so cozy all wrapped up, sipping hot coffee! I wish we had a market like yours to wander aimlessly. Ahhhh....the struggles of a foodie.

  2. Yes, in one photo you posted online you had the loveliest shawl. Enjoy your warm drink, I shall enjoy reading your posts!