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Not Without Spice

For as long as i can remember spices always reminded me of home and my childhood.

I was five when my grandma scurried through the markets holding my hand to ensure i didn't get lost in the sea of people pushing their way to find the best produce. We would return with a fresh pork and her favourite spices to rub it with.

Growing up with spices has given me a well rounded palate and understanding of how they can compliment both sweet and savory dishes. The modern food culture has revolutionised with more spices introduced to our menus. It's safe to say that we are not without spice.

But what are the more versatile spices we should be aiming for in our baskets as we head down the asian food aisle in search for that perfect spice to lift our dishes? The usual suspects in my basket are five spice, star anise, tumeric, cumin and cinnamon.

These 'go to' spices will compliment both savory and sweet dishes and its versatility will ensure you don't clutter your pantry with spices you use only once.

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