Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Market Trail- Daylesford

If you live in Victoria and haven't had the chance to visit Daylesford, i would highly recommend you take a good appetite, book and a wicker basket. Known for its romantic setting of lavender farms, spas, produce and unique farmers markets this is a place for those aiming to graze their way through the region.

coridal and pickles in daylesford
The girls and i decided to venture to Daylesford's popular farmers market in the heart of town. As we entered we were welcomed by hospitable store holders keen to provide us with samples of their produce. The stand outs for me were the home made peanut butter which was moreish and not the kind you find at your local grocer, the array of fresh spices at a fraction of the cost and inspiring cordial combinations. My eyes were set on the most incredible mixed vegetable pickle with mustard seeds and it has sparked a recipe idea for my next post which i am excited to share.

smelling spices in daylesford

Adjacent to the cordial and pickle stand was a divine spread of colourful spices. As you know, i have a love for all things spice and took a good 30 minutes discovering what spice would compliment a few recipes i have brewing for my spring eats menu. Sumac. A spice i have never used before but keen to try, it was recommended that i add this to a dill sauce and seeing as i love seafood it was one for the basket.

sesame seeds at the market

With bags full of spice, chocolate, pickles, jams and a few beauty products we were ready to make our way to the vintage book stores for a good read. I made some great notes about curing and roasting from the recipe books, purchased a lovely copper saucepan and discovered the most fluffiest scone which was eaten too quickly before a photo snap!


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  1. Can you believe I have never been to a proper farmer's market? I LOVE reading posts like this and living vicariously through you!!!! Can't wait to see the new recipes that were inspired by your visit! <3