Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Writing Process- A Blog Tour

When i was 16 i told my mum that i wanted to be famous. As a typical teenager i would watch TV presenters and wished i had blonde hair, blue eyes and a glamorous wardrobe to match.

My dream of becoming a journalist didn't eventuate. I however did land in media and for the past eight years i sat in the advertising department admiring journalists, stylists and photographers. Working alongside editors for lifestyle publications triggered a passion and i realised i had outgrew my advertising stint. I was looking for a role that would allow me to write, be creative and utilise my advertising and marketing knowledge.

I never thought a food blog would satisfy all of the above. Since launching this blog in mid January, i have discovered so much about myself. It has humbled me, pushed my creativity and returned me to my childhood roots. Food is such a big thing in my family and celebrating it through blogging has enriched every aspect of my life.

A large part of the success for food blogging is the wonderful online community. They have become my family. I have mothers who nurture, siblings who i share a laugh with and friends to support my ideas no matter how crazy they are! Two of my closest blogger friends who introduced me to this Blog Tour are Nicole from Pic-Nic and Trisha from the Lazy Mom's Cooking Blog. Not only are they both inspiring with their recipes but their writing styles are witty, engaging and interactive. You will find their profile later on in this post, but first i will answer four questions from the tour and introduce you to my three favourites. In a week's time you can hop on to their page and see how they have responded to the same four questions, hence 'blog hopping tour'.

1. What am i working on?

While i love reviving basic classics, i am currently pushing myself in the kitchen to experiment with different ingredients. Admittedly, i have been absent from posting new recipes and making Facebook comments because my focus has shifted to creating an exciting menu which encourages the use of different flavours, textures and requiring fewer steps (for the more time poor). Watch this space because i am excited to share a few ideas over the coming weeks!

2. How does my work differ from others in it's genre?

It is all about humbling food. Food that is good for the soul and encourages you to explore ingredients commonly used in the kitchen, but when fused with another common ingredient comes to life. I enjoy styling my photos and put a lot of love into creating a food post that inspire and is simple to follow for home cooks of any level. The dishes are made to impress and most of the recipes are best eaten with family and friends.

3. Why do i write what i do?

Hailing from a family of passionate home cooks, i love rediscovering my childhood dishes. To revive them, but remaining true to the recipe is rewarding. There are so many reason why i write, from creating recipes, losing myself behind a camera and creating that perfect food scene then having positive comments as a result, encourages me to continue and grow.

4. How does your writing process work?

When i read or hear about an interesting recipe i immediately try to recreate it using different textures or flavours. I always have a notebook on hand to jot down any ideas while grocery shopping, eating out, watching Masterchef or reading food magazines. I immerse myself with inspiring articles about entrepreneurs, successful bloggers who influence a lot of my writing style and keep me motivated to take risks. While cooking in the kitchen my notebook is nearby and i tend to tweak measurements and ingredient ratios as i go along. While the food is cooling, i select vintage props and create a scene that is inviting and colour complimentary to the dishes. My aim? To create a food story.

My favourite star bloggers!

1. Residing in New Zealand, Nicole from Pic-Nic has some of the most amazing treats on her page. We met through Facebook and i am so glad that we connected. She has a warm and generous heart and always writes with thought when profiling her fellow foodies. I love her homely warm recipes and i can't seem to go past her drool worthy snickers and buttermilk pancakes. The fact that she's included a measurement metric on her site to make our lives easier, is a true testament to her quest in making our kitchens friendly!

2. There is always that one aunty in the family who gives you the best cuddles and spoils you with chocolate cookies even if it is before dinner. This is how i would describe my good friend Brandi from Aunt Bee's Recipes. She's bubbly and has been a great support to the food blogging community. Her recipes are comforting with a focus on savories and main meals. I have been on a look out for a good Mexican dish and i think her steak fajitas may have hit the spot. Her page is a must visit!

3. Our love for vintage wares and food styling has enabled Trisha from The Lazys Mom's Cooking Blog and i to exchange ideas and bond. Her photography is stunning, leaving no detail out and allowing us to imagine that we are sitting down with her for dinner and having a great conversation. My favourite is her latest dish Triple Berry Vanilla Yoghurt Popsicles. This is one on my list to make this week and i don't even care that it's winter here in Melbourne, Australia!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, girlie! This was a great post and I enjoyed getting to know you more!

  2. This is a fantastic write up Jaclyn! I loved learning more about your writing style, you truly have a talent when it comes to both cooking and writing!

  3. This is SO awesome! I loved reading it from start to finish! Thank you so much for including my page!!! You are so sweet!!!!

  4. Wow, it was so great to read! Keep cooking and keep writing your recipes, we love them! :)