Friday, 17 January 2014

Food has always been a big thing in my family. 

I recall most of my childhood watching my mother cook. Whether it was celebrating an occasion, passively competing with other 'aunty-chefs' or making use of in season seafood, she would effortlessly champion the kitchen. Naturally, over the years i have become inspired by various cuisines from my mum, travels and exploring Melbourne eateries.

I am definitely not a chef, nor an expert in cookware used to make your dishes dazzle but rather i have a passion and love for food that is quick, simple and creative.

What i would like to share is shortcut ways to make use of your left overs. To revive and transform them into signature dishes filled with robust flavours, textures and to discover complimentary ingredients which you may not have otherwise explored.

I welcome you to share your comments, ideas or variations of any dishes i have posted and look forward to breathing life into ingredients from your kitchen.

My twenties were spent dining mostly around melbourne's food hub and trying to recreate dishes from leftovers in my pantry and fridge, some of which were epic fails! After experimenting and adding a 'touch' of my own flavours i have grown a fondness for my kitchen and spend most of my time cooking for family, friends and my number one fan, my husband.

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