Sunday, 19 January 2014

Home made sausage rolls

This is a major hit at parties, picnics and freezes well
When we visit my Aunty i would always look forward to her home made sausage rolls. These little crispy parcels are packed with flavour and come with a cautionary warning of - it's ADDICTIVE!

Here is my own version using the leftover pastry from my freezer

Items you need:

- 2 pkts of Pampas filo pastry sheets (At room temp. Thawed enough to roll)
- 2 pkts of gourmet sausages (Plain veal/Pork sausages) equivalent to 2lbs
- Half a bunch of Parsley
- 1 tablespoon of crushed garlic
- 1 tablespoon of curry powder
- 2 tablespoons of raw rice
- 1 cup of grated carrot
- 1 cup of grated granny smith apples
- Half a red onion (diced)
- 1 egg whisked (for glazing)

What's Next?

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celcius or (365 Farenheit).

Remove the skin from the gourmet sausages and place the filling in to a large mixing bowl. Add the parsley, garlic, curry powder, raw rice, carrots, apple and red onions. Mix well and include salt/ pepper to your liking. (using your hands to mix is the best way!)

Place a filo pastry sheet on a wooden board. Spread the meat length ways to the edge of where your hands are and similar to a sushi, roll the sheet over the meat till half way of the pastry sheet.

Secure the pastry and meat with a brush of the whisked egg. This is to avoid the pastry coming apart in the oven. Then cut across till you are left with a log of pastry and meat. Cut again in to mini sized portions and place it on to a baking tray with baking paper. Repeat till all the pastry and meat have been used.

Brush over each portion with the whisked egg to allow for a golden brown top.

Place in the oven for 30-40mins (till the pastry browns and the meat is no longer pink)

Enjoy immediately with a tomato relish or simple tomato sauce!

Tip: While filling the pastry with meat, use a bit of oil on the palm of your hands to avoid the meat sticking.


  1. This would be 180 degrees Celsius?

    1. Hi there, yes it would be 180 degrees Celsius! let me know how you go :)

  2. Do you use regular long grain rice? How does the rice cook with no water? Do you cut into small pieces before cooking or cook as a log?

    1. yes I use regular long grain rice and the beauty about it is that you don't need to pre cook it or cut before cooking. The juices in the sausage mince will cook it naturally! Looking forward to hearing about how it turns out- enjoy ;)

  3. how large are the packets of sausages? Approximately how much meat, in other words? I'm looking forward to trying this. I used to love sausage rolls back in high school days (many, many years ago and an ocean away).

  4. There are normally 5 pieces of sausages in a pack so two packs will suffice. Alternatively you can get 500grams of pork/veal mince I love mixing the two. I hope that helps :)

  5. Sorry pork /veal sausage meat from the butcher